September 24, 2018


Narra, the German Shepherd


This is Narra, she is a German shepherd, Husky, American Staffordshire terrier mix! She is an extremely high energy dog, that always has be on the go! The best thing about Narra is that she picked me! I saw her running through a field one day, so I stopped and she just ran and jumped into my car and we’ve literally been inseparable since! It is truly amazing how intelligent she is and intuitive! She knows how to read how I’m feeling in a situation and react accordingly to help me! I would be lost without her!

July 26, 2018


Welcome to the site!


Hi everyone, my name is Max and I am a 4 year old black lab. I am goofy but very relaxed and I believe everyone loves playing and wrestling as much as I do.

Mom and I have moved and traveled together across North America, moving from Canada to the USA together!

My mom is a registered nurse and loves spending time with dad and me. Mom and dad are gone 5 days a week - mom comes home and talks about her patients and how much she loves them, and dad comes home and talks about building stuff with his hands. All I know is I like them home with me, and I like it when they aren't lazy and take me for a walk!

Got any ideas or products that you think would be awesome in our store, let us know at I love hearing from my furiends!