July 26, 2018


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Hi everyone, my name is Max and I am a 4 year old black lab. I am goofy but very relaxed and I believe everyone loves playing and wrestling as much as I do.

Mom and I have moved and traveled together across North America, moving from Canada to the USA together!

My mom is a registered nurse and loves spending time with dad and me. Mom and dad are gone 5 days a week - mom comes home and talks about her patients and how much she loves them, and dad comes home and talks about building stuff with his hands. All I know is I like them home with me, and I like it when they aren't lazy and take me for a walk!

Got any ideas or products that you think would be awesome in our store, let us know at stories@maxsstory.com. I love hearing from my furiends!

Jessica Meier
Jessica Meier


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