Packable Silicon Dog Bowl

Have you ever been walking to work or biking to a friends place and had an unquenchable thirst come over you? Probably. And what did you do? Run out and buy yourself a bottle of fancy water? Probably.  Good for you! Unfortunately, you're poor dog doesn't have the luxury of being able to talk and ask for a bottle of water. For this reason, make sure you carry along a packable silicon dog bowl, to satisfy your pets unquenchable thirst.  A must on any adventure - whether for a stroll downtown, a walk in the woods, a 10 hour car ride, or a hike... every pet needs a chance to relax and refresh with a little food or drink.

This lightweight bowl is easy to take anywhere - attach it to your bag, throw it in the back of the car, or fold it up and push it to the bottom of your pack and you're ready to go. The price includes free shipping. If you're curious about out shipping or return policy, feel free to take a look.

Max uses his bowl on his 30 hour car rides up to Canada to visit family, on hot days long walks along the bluff downtown, enjoying the views. Show us where and how your pup uses their bowl at @themaxstory!