Shipping and Returns


We're a new business, so our shipping policy is simple: the price of shipping is built into the price of the product. Done! No hassles needed to figure out whether the item is worth it once shipping is included. If you like the product, we want to get it to you. But, please keep in mind that we are a new business, so our shipping speed will never rival that of Amazon. That being said, the moment your order goes through, know that we are hard at work in getting it to you.


Our return policy is straightforward as well. We want our customers to be happy and come back and visit us again, so if for any reason you don't like the product you've purchased, or it comes with a defect, or your pet just generally doesn't want to indulge your tastes, send it back to us and we'll refund you your full purchase price. We'll do our best to keep you happy, just let us know what you need from us.