Nylon Reflective Leash

Think you have a strong enough bond with your dog that he will listen to your every command? Or does your dog have enough of their own mind that sometimes they think they know best and try to run away on their own adventure without you? Keep a hold of your pet with this nylon reflective leash! 

  • strong - the material is a strong nylon that will not rip or break easily, even with the feistiest of dogs 
  • safety - the rope has reflective threading throughout which makes it safe to walk at night
  • long - the rope is 60 inches long which means if your dog is behaving well you may let him run a little further, and pull him back if need be
  • cushioned handle - nice comfortable hand that can go around wrist and help hold your pets back so they cannot run away

Leash included.

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Max is well behaved when he is with dad and can go out without the leash...but with mom Max seems to always run away. What about your pet?!? Let us know @themaxstory