Packable Water Trough

When your walking outside and your thirsty, you can walk into a store and buy a bottled water and take a refreshing sip and enjoy. It is that easy. Your dog can’t do that, and doesn’t have the opposable thumbs to hold a water bottle, which is why you should get this easy, packable, collapsible dog bowl. 

  • easy to pack - attach it to your bag, throw it in the back of the car, or fold it up and push it to the bottom of your pack
  • lightweight - won’t tire you out by adding a lot of weight and causing you to get exhausted
  • colorful - have some fun and pick the color that best matches your dog and their fun personality

Bowl and carabiner included.

To avoid restocking delays click ‘add to cart’ to put your bowl on reserve now, so your dog can stay hydrated on any adventures you go on!

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Max uses his bowl on his 30 hour car rides up to Canada to visit family, on hot long walks along the bluff downtown, or going to hang out with furiends. Show us where and how your pup uses their bowl at @themaxstory!

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